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Improvement Strategies


Fax back receipt of Did Not Pass results

Confirm follow-up appointment at the first visit

Standardize office procedures for data sharing with the EHDI Team

Complete the EHDI Care Map with the family, planning and coordinating expected care and referrals

Streamline authorizations to eliminate delay to specialty providers such as ENT and genetics 

Offer and provide referral to Guide By Your Side or other parent support groups

Refer to early intervention within 48 hours of diagnosis

Obtain a consent for release of information at first contact

Record data in the state EHDI reporting system (WE-TRAC)

Resources: Best Practices Guidelines

Training Opportunities

Building a Medical Home Partnership:
A Wisconsin Toolkit 

Dr. Behrmann and patient

"Everybody knows one or two families who could really use some help coordinating care. So why not take on the idea of Medical Home with just those two kids and see how it blossoms"

Ann Behrmann, MD
Group Health Cooperative
Madison, WI

The twins weren't identified with hearing loss until they were 18 months old.  At 10 months I suspected that one had a hearing loss, but when I asked the pediatrician I was told that my concerns were because I was a first time mother. I've since then gotten a new pediatrician. The baby I thought had normal hearing had to get tubes in her ears.  The post-op hearing test indicated that she had a permanant hearing loss. So that is how both of my children were finally identified at 18 months of age."

Anonymous,  mother of twins with hearing loss