Early Hearing Detection and Intervention A roadmap to success

Outpatient screening: before one month


Standardize communications (written and verbal) with parents about hearing screening results

Provide clear communication about next steps using the Patient Checklist for Primary Care Providers

Identify two points of contact for families of infants who did not pass such as a relative or friend

Offer a referral to Minnesota Hands and Voices

Schedule the follow-up appointment during the visit

Report the results to the family, the primary care provider, and Minnesota Department of Health

Closing the follow-up gap: Outpatient screening

Role of Outpatient Screening Staff

Important Steps to Cover

  • Complete outpatient rescreening before 1 month of age

  • Educate parents about newborn hearing screening follow-up

  • Prepare quiet infant for screening

  • Screen both ears (ABR Tips, OAE Testing Steps & Do's and Don'ts, Clinic Quality Assurance Checklist)

  • If infant does NOT PASS, schedule appointment for diagnostic audiological evaluation (Hearing Screening Follow-up Process)

  • Document outpatient rescreening result in:

    • Baby's medical record

  • Report final results to the parent, primary care provider, and MDH Newborn Screening Program

    • Hearing PASS Result* (English) *Available in English, Hmong, Karen, Russian, Somali and Spanish (Order here)

    • Hearing ALERT: REFER Result* (English) *Available in English, Hmong, Karen, Russian, Somali and Spanish (Order here)

  • Report outpatient results to MDH using appropriate forms for: Audiologists: Audiology Results Report Form

  • Have a plan if infant/family does not show for appointment

Materials marked with * are available to order free-of-charge on the Minnesota Newborn Screening Program website.