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Need caption for photo of sleeping newborn baby Pediatric Audiology: Before 3 Months

Improvement Strategies


Prioritize newborn diagnostic exams; create expedited slots and schedule two appointments at a time

Remind families of appointments one day in advance

Provide families with instructions for a successful evaluation

Verify the PCP/Medical Home

Identify two points of contact for families of infants who did not pass such as a relative or friend

Provide clear communication about next steps using the EHDI Care Map

Offer a referral to Guide By Your Side

Refer to early intervention (Birth to 3) within 48 hours of diagnosis

Resources: Tools for Improvement

Training Opportunities

Pediatric Amplification

American Academy of Audiology CEUs are available for this course (.8 CEUs). There is no charge.

Pediatric Audiology Case Review- Audiology Online

"The audiologist that day was new to screening infants and didn't know what to do with the crushed mom seated in front of her. She appeared very uncomfortable and busied herself with paperwork scheduling Jordan to see an ENT. Jordan's diagnosis would have been much less painful had this audiologist been given the benefit of some counseling classes to augment her clinical skills."

Mother of a child with hearing loss