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Need caption for photo of sleeping newborn baby OUtpatient Screening: Before 1 Month

Improvement Strategies


Standardize communications (written and verbal) with parents about hearing screening results

Provide clear communication about next steps using the EHDI Care Map

Identify two points of contact for families of infants who did not pass such as a relative or friend

Offer a referral to Guide By Your Side

Schedule the follow-up appointment during the visit

Record the results accurately in the state EHDI system (WE-TRAC)

Resources: Tools for Improvement

Outpatient Tools for Improvement

Parent Preparation Form

WE-TRAC Tutorial: Entering Oupatient Screening Results

Assure Change is an Improvement

Schedule Audiology Appointment prior to Discharge

Collect or verify two points of contact for the family.

Training Opportunities









"As nurses, we are rarely called upon to deliver test results.  Our job is to comfort and care for our patients.  That is why I feel like we often over-soften the news when a child doesn't pass the hearing screening.  We need more training on how to effectively deliver the information without needlessly terrifying families."

Anonymous Nurse, QI Session Feedback Form