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Need caption for photo of sleeping newborn baby Pediatric Audiology: Before 3 Months

Improvement Strategies


Evaluate both ears

Complete definitive diagnosis BEFORE 3 MONTHS of age

Complete Parent Roadmap for families with a child identified with a hearing loss

Complete the AZ EHDI Patient Checklist (English) or AZ EHDI Patient Checklist (Spanish)  for Primary Care Providers with families who need further screening for hearing loss

Streamline authorization to eliminate delay to specialty providers such as ORL, ENT and genetics

Offer a referral to Guide by your side  or Arizona Hands and Voices

Report Data to the Arizona Department of Health Services

Pediatric Audiology: Improvement in Action

Pediatric Audiology: Cochlear Implant Activation

Jonathan's Cochlear Implant Activation (text version) - 00:50