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Need caption for photo of sleeping newborn baby Early Intervention: Before 6 Months

Improvement Strategies


Build family to family relationships

Standardize referral mechanisms

Include communication outcomes in every IFSP

Confirm the hearing status of every child with a related condition

Identify every failed appointment as an opportunity to act and learn

Resources: Tools for Improvement

Early Intervention Resources

Arizona EHDI Care Map (English) and (Spanish)

Hearing Loss Information from the CDC

Arizona Law Requires Hearing Screening

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Apps for Mobile Devices

Developmental Milestones Handout for Parents

Connect to Community Resources

Arizona Hands and Voices

Arizona Hands and Voices Brochure

Hear for Kids

Continue Skill Building

Explaining the Audiology Report

Glossary of Terms to talk about hearing, causes of hearing loss and hearing aid devices.

Learn about the Function of the Ear

Hearing Aid Listening Check

What does a hearing impairment sound like? The following four audio files replicate what your baby hears if they have normal hearing ability, along with mild, moderate, and severe hearing loss. Many multimedia sources are available to families of a child who is deaf or hard of hearing such as the National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management:
Normal | Moderate | Mild | Severe

Training Opportunities

2014 EHDI Meeting

Join us for the 2014 National EHDI Meeting,

April 13-15 in Jacksonville, FL

    Annual EHDI Meeting 2014

Building Blocks of Intervention: Hearing Loss in Children 0-3 Years

Sponsored by a grant from the Verizon Foundation.

“Parents, caregivers, professionals, and members of the Deaf community recognize the need for a greater number of qualified professionals and improved service provision”

- The National Agenda: Moving forward on achieving educational equality for deaf and hard of hearing students (2005)

"Oliver was fitted recently with an FM System. Our providers were skeptical because he was so young and attended a daycare, not a school setting where they are typically used. However, Oliver's daycare teachers were so excited to share the profound changes they witnessed in him. The first day that he accessed sound through the FM he went from communicating sporadically in 2 word phrases, to speaking in 4-6 word sentences. He went from looking at other children for cues to know what to do, to following directions because he can now hear them. He went from being quiet at circle time, to full participation. With the benefit from the FM System, he quickly turned into a confident little boy!"

  - Alicia Boeme, Oliver's mother