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Need caption for photo of sleeping newborn baby Early Intervention: Before 6 Months

Improvement Strategies


Build family to family relationships

Standardize referral mechanisms

Include communication outcomes in every IFSP

Confirm the hearing status of every child with a related condition

Identify every failed appointment as an opportunity to act and learn

Early Intervention: Introduction

Best Practice Guidelines


Review sample policies, procedures and competency guidelines that align with JCIH Guidelines.

Tools for Improvement


Assure follow-up with a few key data-collection and communication tools.

Improvement in Action


See how the collaboratives used improvement tools to test steps of change within their organizations.

Closing the Follow-up Gap: Early Intervention

Early Intervention

Infant and Toddler Early Intervention

For babies and toddlers who have a hearing loss, an early start is critical for the child's development of language and communication, and later success in school.

Resources for Early Intervention

Hear for Kids and Guide By Your Side provides families with information, resources, services, and the supports they may need to help their child with special needs grow and develop.  Hear for Kids and Guide By Your Side services are designed to meet the unique developmental needs of children and their families. 

Discussion Points

  • What might be unique considerations when serving families of children who are deaf or hard of hearing?
  • What could this program have done differently to expedite the enrollment process?
  • What improvement strategy could they implement to assure that families understand why early intervention is important?
  • How could the EI program have worked differently to engage partnerships with the medical community?
  • What developmental areas should have been discussed with the family?
  • Do you agree that this family should have declined services?
  • At the six-month visit, should this child have been found eligible for services?  Why?