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Improvement Strategies


Legislate mandated hearing screening and follow-up

Educate providers about latest clinical recommendations

Identify criteria for personnel who can conduct hearing screenings

Establish State protocols on babies who do not pass UNHS

Develop and maintain a list of providers with knowledge and expertise on EHDI

Improve access to hearing aids, cochlear implants, and FM systems

Assess and monitor State's Part C program in current service delivery and effectiveness related to children who are deaf or hard of hearing

Provide formal feedback to birthing facilities regarding EHDI statistics

Create a formal annual needs assessment for families

Collect and disseminate data gathered by the EHDI Program

Kentucky EHDI Program: Introduction

Best Practice Guidelines


Review sample policies, procedures and competency guidelines that align with JCIH Guidelines.

Tools for Improvement


Assure follow-up with a few key data-collection and communication tools.

Improvement in Action


See how the collaboratives used improvement tools to test steps of change within their organizations.

Closing the Follow-up Gap: Kentucky EHDI Program

Kentucky Infants' Sound Start

Vision: All families will have equal access to a seamless system of early and continuous hearing screening, skilled and timely diagnostics and quality interventions to enable children with hearing loss to thrive.

Mission: KY  Infants Sound Start will identify all babies with hearing loss by working as a team to increase the number of KY infants who are screened and receive timely, individualized follow-up care. We will increase access to hearing-related services by nurturing existing collaborations and forging new ones, providing innovative outreach and nonbiased education to families, healthcare providers and community partners. By advancing early hearing detection and quality interventions, we provide children the opportunity to develop communication skills, cognitive abilities and social-emotional well-being.

As a program and as individuals, we are guided by the following principles:

  • We support families without judgment or bias.  
  • We work on behalf of the well being of children and strive to optimize their potential.
  • We respect ourselves, our team, our clients and our community.
  • We value parental perspectives in family support, program design and process improvement.
  • We drive change and decision making through the use of sound and valid data collection.
  • We forge creative collaborations and promote partnerships.
  • We are dedicated to innovative development and sustainable solutions.


Kentucky Infants' Sound Start Strategic Priorities

KY Infants' Sound Start will strive to:
Be a multi-disciplined, culturally sensitive, innovative and cohesive team.

Provide comprehensive and diverse support to families, providers and community partners.

Engage families as equal partners.

Ensure that all children have equal access to communication and language as early as possible.

Advance best practice through evidence-based research and process improvement.

Infuse evaluation and sustainability into every aspect of program development.

Eliminate financial barriers to accessing services and supports for families.

Offer parent-to-parent support throughout the screening, diagnostic and intervention process.

Be a self-sufficient, sustainable program.